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Study Abroad Tips

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean

PLAN HEAD.  A successful program for study abroad can take a year of planning.  Here are some things to consider ahead of that planning:

- Where do you want to study?  Is there a place that grabs your attention every time you hear about it?  Is there an area with culture that will magnify what you want to learn?  That may be the place for you to study abroad.

- What do you want to study?  There are as many student programs abroad (if not, more) as there are available in the U.S.  Consider courses that might provide an educational aspect that is unique to a location or important to you.

- How long and when do you want to go abroad?  Do you want to study for a semester or just a few weeks?  Will the time of year affect (negatively or positively) what you seek in your travels?

- Do you know who to contact when you are ready to get serious?  Knowing who to ask for help can sometimes be better than having the answer.  The staff at TTC's IEO is as dedicated as you are to creating and realizing successful trips.  There is no issue too large or small that they wouldn't be happy to assist you with, so please conact them or stop by the office.

- Who doesn't want to visit other countries and explore new lands? It might not be as difficult as you think! Come to the IEO and check out the vast array of travel opportunities for the adventurous, the scholarly, the young and restless, and the young at heart.

Apply for your passport as soon as possible!
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