Academic and Financial Aid Appeals

Students must meet academic and financial aid standards of progress to remain enrolled and/or eligible for financial aid.  TTC measures academic and financial aid standards of progress independently of each other and this may result in a student having a different status for each. Before submitting your appeal, confirm that you are appealing the appropriate status. It is entirely possible for you to receive approval for one appeal type and not the other if you are appealing both your academic and financial aid status.
The TTC Appeal Committee will not consider late submissions.  Carefully read the information below before submitting an appeal.

If you are on both Academic Suspension and Financial Aid probation, you must submit a separate appeal for each. One appeal will NOT cover both Academic Suspension and Financial Aid Probation.
Please check your status carefully.

The FALL 2 FINAL ONLINE APPEAL DATE is Tuesday, October 14, 2014 by midnight.
Supporting documentation for the online appeal is Wednesday, October 15 by 5:00pm in the Registrar's office, Main Campus, or fax 843-574-6696.

The TTC Appeal Committee will not consider late submissions.


You may appeal if your status is “Suspension;” no other status other than suspension requires an appeal.
Financial Aid
You may appeal if your status is “Probation”. (There is no longer a suspension status for financial aid.) Your financial aid status is either satisfactory, warning or probation. When you move to probation, you lose your eligibility for financial aid.

Follow all directions as you proceed through the on-line appeal process.

  1. When directed, you must explain the extenuating circumstances that caused you to move to either Academic Suspension or Financial Aid Probation. You must also state how you have completely resolved your issue(s) and include your immediate plan to improve your academic progress.
  2. If your appeal goes to the Appeals Committee, you must submit documentation to support your extenuating circumstance. Appropriate documentation could include: medical documents, obituaries, court documents, etc. Submit your documentation to the Registrar’s office, Bldg. 410, Main Campus. 
    Note: It is your responsibility to submit the appropriate documentation before the appeal deadline. TTC’s Appeal Committee will not call you for documents or contact anyone to verify your circumstances. The Committee relies specifically on the documentation you provide to make a final decision about your appeal.
  3. The Appeal Committee will review your entire academic history, not just your most recent semester.  A documented extenuating circumstance is not a guarantee for automatic approval.
  • The results of your appeal will be sent ONLY to your email account.
  • The committee’s decision is final.
  • Approval of an academic appeal is for re-admission to the college only and not for reinstatement to a curriculum program.
  • Financial Aid appeals are not retroactive. Approvals are only for the next semester of enrollment.