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If you are a new student, early Registration is done by appointment with your advisor. If you are a returning student, you may register on-line or take a registration form to the Admissions office at either the Palmer or Berkeley campus  or to the Registrar's office on the Main campus to register for courses.

Please refer to your account if you do not know your advisor's name. Go to My Profile under TTC Express or My Advisor under TTC Bookmarks. You can email your academic advisor directly by clicking My Advisor under TTC Bookmarks. 

Nondegree Seeking students can register through the Orientation Centers.

To ensure your eligibility to register, know your admissions status and complete all admissions requirements before attending registration! Depending on your major and academic standing, you may have multiple options for registration.

Final Registration Day is for all students who did not register during Registration. Click on TTC Calendar to view Registration dates.



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