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Many course require prerequisite courses and/or test scores. TTC’s computer system will automatically block your registration when a prerequisite course and/or placement test score is required for enrollment in the course if your TTC records do not show that you have met the prerequisites.

Your academic advisor will assist you in scheduling your classes and checking for prerequisites or corequisites. You can find out what prerequisites or corequisites are required for a course in the College Catalog; look in Course Description section starting on page C-1. You can also find out what prerequisites are required for a course on TTC Express by following these steps:
     Clicking on Search for Sections.
     Select a term from the drop down.
     Select a Subject from the drop down.
     Fill in the Course Number.
     Hit Submit.
     Click on the course in the Section Name and Title column.
     The course description and prerequisites will display in a new window.

If you do not meet corequisite or prerequisite requirements for a course, you cannot register for the course unless you receive approval from the appropriate academic department.

Most courses have additional prerequisite reading skills that can be demonstrated by test scores or transfer credits.


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