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New Student Orientation Process
What do you do in Orientation at TTC?

Orientation is an ongoing service.  There are Orientation Centers on each campus where you receive walk-in service.   It takes about 45 minutes.  The earlier you attend orientation, the better.  You do not have to be admitted to TTC or have your financial aid completed before attending orientation.  You may go through orientation after your application has been processed (about five days after the application has been received by the college) and you have test scores (SAT, ACT, placement test scores) in the system or in your hand.  You may also attend if your test scores have been waived.

Because orientation is individualized, the time spent in orientation varies depending on how much information you need.  Students with college degrees are given an abbreviated orientation; returning students receive information depending on how long they have not been enrolled; new students are given the full orientation.

Students may visit an Orientation Center to get answers to their questions before applying to TTC.  This visit does not replace the orientation process.  Students still must go through the process after they apply to the college.

What is the Orientation Process?

Students will........... 

  • View a video
  • Explore TTC's Website
  • Talk with an Orientation Leader to
    • Verify your major
    • Learn about important processes, like registration
    • Be assigned an academic advisor
    • Receive important printed materials
    • Ask questions
  • Take a walking tour of the campus - optional  

Students who are nondegree may register for courses during the registration period in the Orientation Centers. For more information, check out the services for nondegree students.

Your visit to an Orientation Center is fundamental to starting any college experience! It will help to get you started in the right direction!


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