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Avionics Maintenance Technology

Charlie in the cockpitWelcome to Trident Technical College's Avionics Maintenance Technology program. If you are the type of person that enjoys installing and repairing electronic systems used in today’s modern aircraft, then you have come to the right place. The Avionics Maintenance Technology program is designed to lead towards FCC and NCATT certification.

What is Avionics?

Avionics (aviation + electronics) is a term that describes all of the communication, navigational, and flight management equipment used in aircraft to make flight safer and more efficient. The term avionics is also used to describe weapon guidance and delivery systems in military aircraft as well as electronic systems used in satellite and space delivery systems.

What does an avionic maintenance technician do?

Avionic technicians are trained to remove, troubleshoot, repair, and install aircraft electronic systems, including the associated wiring and structural mounting of the systems. After repairing avionic systems, technicians are also responsible for performing operational checks of the system to ensure the system works as designed. Technicians can perform flight line work on the aircraft or shop work where they bench test and repair various systems. Avionic technicians typically find work at major airlines, FAA repair stations, and even aircraft manufacturers.

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Avionics Maintenance Technology

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