TTC Green includes a number of initiatives that tackle sustainable issues from local, regional and national perspectives. Such initiatives include:

American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment  
Symbolizing TTC’s intent to help minimize climate change, Dr. Mary Thornley, president of Trident Technical College (TTC), signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, the first technical college president in South Carolina to sign the commitment. “This is our pledge to continue and multiply efforts of reducing and ultimately neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Dr. Thornley.

Attached to the commitment are several requirements such as an annual inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, implementation of two or more short-term tangible actions to reduce emissions and development of a climate plan to become climate neutral.

Motion sensors for lights and Bldg. 400 lighting upgrade.
Approved energy measures in accordance with the application: Replaced existing manual switches in offices, classrooms and laboratories with occupancy sensors in multiple buildings on Main, Berkeley and Palmer campuses. Replaced 400W & 1000W metal halide hi-bay fixtures with T5HO fluorescent fixtures in Bldg. 400 Welding Laboratory. In addition, occupancy sensors will be added. Estimated Annual Electrical Savings: $39,205.61

Reflective roof for Bldgs. 940 and 500
Reduces heat gain and therefore reduces energy consumption.

Lamp changeover from T-12 to T-8 on Main, Berkeley and Palmer campuses
Changed to more efficient lighting to lower energy consumption

HVAC systems
Replaced several old units with more efficient equipment to lower energy consumption

Replaced several old boilers with more efficient boilers to lower energy consumption

Bldg. 630 cooling tower
New cooling tower uses a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the fan motor which adjusts the speed of the fan as cooling loads change. This means electricity is not wasted (nor money) by having the fan speed too high or heat loads too high for a low fan speed.

Energy management system upgrade
Our controls provider, CMI Inc., has been upgrading our software and hardware as older components fail or become economically unfavorable. Additionally, CMI Inc. is working with TTC to provide the ability to individually meter each building. This will allow for tracking electrical usage and assist in implementing conservation efforts.

Energy Assistance Program through the South Carolina Energy Office
TTC has applied for and been granted enrollment in the Energy Technical Assistance Program. The South Carolina Energy Office has $1.7 million in funds to provide energy audits and assessments, helping identify ways to operate with greater energy efficiency. These services will be provided by the Energy Office through an energy consultant.

Charleston Green Business Challenge (participant in 2010-11 challenge)

Energy management training for TTC Staff
TTC staff members earned the designation of certified energy managers.