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Orientation Services Handouts

The Orientation Center provides a selection of handouts to each student. The ones listed here are generated by the Orientation staff and can be viewed in PDF form and printed from here. Select the title to view each handout. Handouts provided by other departments can be obtained by visiting an Orientation Center.

  1. See my advisor! What do I do? - How to prepare for your appointment with your academic advisor.  These are the thing you need to look at, think about, and take with you to your appointment.
  2. Get Involved - TTC clubs and events.  Getting involved with students who have common interests makes college more fun and give students a chance to develop their leadership style.
  3. Transfer Tips for Non-degree Students - List of things to know when transferring to another college.  It gives you insights into how to prepare and what to avoid.  Good planning is essential for successfully transferring to another college.
  4. Are you UNDECIDED about your Career…Major…Transfer to a 4-year College? -  A reminder about how and where to get help if you're not sure about a career, your college major or the best four-year college for you to complete your four-year degree.
  5. All About Non-degree Students - A list of the advantages and disadvantages of being a non-degree seeking student.


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