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Being a TTC Student

Being a student at any college carries responsibilities. Students need to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them in a college setting in order to function within the academic community and to excel in the workplace. At TTC you can improve your electronic and verbal communications skills, develop your leadership skills, and increase your problem-solving skills while taking courses or while completing a degree, diploma and/or certificate program. Remember, college is an adventure in life. Take advantage of it!

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  1. Things you need to do:
  2. Things you need to know about:
  3. Things you are responsible for:

Things you need to do: 

Student ID Card - Is available to students after they are registered for classes at no fee. Use your card at the Library each semester to can gain access to many LRC databases over the internet. You will also receive student discounts at many stores and tri-county events. The cards are available in the Student Activities Office on Main Campus, in the Admissions Office on Palmer Campus and in the Library (LRC) on Berkeley campus.

The most important services students need to access their email, their casses and view their student records are available at my.tridenttech.edu. New students are given their ID and password for my.tridenttech.edu in the letter from Admissions that acknowledges receipt of their application and application fee. 
Students may use computers on campus to access my.tridenttech.edu at the following locations: 
MAIN CAMPUS: Open computer labs in the 200 building, the Library building 510, and in the student lounge in the 410 building. 
PALMER CAMPUS: Open computer labs in rooms 246 and 250, and in the Library room 229. 
BERKELEY CAMPUS:  Open computer lab in room 144 and in the library room 177. A complete list of computer labs can be found in the first few pages of the Student Handbook. Included in that list are labs that have specific applications loaded for selected courses. Check with your instructor if you need access to these labs.

my.tridenttech.edu information and services include:

  • My Profile - Displays student ID number, name of advisor (if you have been through orientation), advisor's phone number, direct email link to advisor. ***Remember if you have never been to Orientation Services, you will need to visit or contact that office, on any campus, to receive your advisor information (843.574.6436). If you change your major, you must complete a "Student Information Update" form in the Admissions Office or in Orientation Services. If you complete this form in the Admissions Office, you must contact Orientation Services or use the "My Profile" option, to receive your new advisor information.
  • Grades and Transcript - You can see your grades each semester and view your complete transcript including courses transferred into TTC. You will also see brush-up courses you exempted based on your test scores. These courses are listed so that the prerequisites will be there when you qualify to register yourself for courses. The exempt courses will not be listed on your official college transcript.
  • Registration - Students who have completed 3 credit hours at TTC can register for classes and complete drop/add themselves. You should check with your academic advisor if you are not sure which courses to select. Academic advisors are assigned as part of the New Student Orientation process.
  • Balance Due - ALWAYS check this screen after registering for classes. If there is a positive number in the "Balance Due" field, that amount is due to the college by specified dates. If the amount is not paid by the payment deadline for the specific registration period when you enrolled, you will be removed from your classes.  Check the calendar in On Course or on the Registrar's website for due dates. ** Remember TTC no longer mails bills to students.
  • Financial Aid - Displays basic information about personal financial aid.
  • Make a Payment - Students can pay tuition and fees online using a credit card.
  • Change your password, view your test scores, and apply for graduation. Many college departments communicate with TTC students through this system. Log on now!  Features include:
  • Send and receive email communications.
  • Use a personal electronic calendar. 
  • View the TTC Calendar for important dates and events, student activities, workshops and more... 
  • Read College announcements such as emergency closings, deadline changes, speakers and student activities.
  • Communtcate official requests to TTC. Home email accounts may not be used for this service.
  • More features are being developed each semester. Check it out!

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Things you need to know about:

Learning Assistance - Free academic tutoring on campus via people, videos, and computers. Hours and services vary on each campus. Use the link to learn more.

Counseling and Career Development -  This is where you can go to get both career decision-making assistance and counseling help. Counselors are trained to take you through the career decision-making process. If you are undecided about the type job you want, or the major in which you should enroll, or which 4-year college you should select, or all of the above, make an appointment with a counselor. They also help with academic problems, personal problems and provide services for students with disabilities. Use the link to learn more.

Student Activities - Activities for students occur throughout the year. Check the bulletin board and electronic calendar in My.Tridenttech, posters on bulletin boards throughout the campuses and the electronic bulletin boards in the buildings. Events are held during the day, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

GPA - Students need to know how to calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA) because that is the way student progress is measured in a college. Use the link to learn how to calculate your own GPA.

Student Organizations - There are more than 40 student organizations that meet regularly at the college. Many of the organizations are related to the various majors at TTC and several are the student version of the professional organization that students will belong to when they join the workforce. Use the link to learn more.

College Terminology - Colleges have a unique language. Follow this link to look up unfamiliar college terminology.

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Things you are responsible for:

  • College records - Keep them up-to-date. Complete a "Student Information Update" form in Admissions or in an Orientation Center if you move, change phone numbers, or change names. Parents and spouses cannot do this for you. Your records are private and many record changes require a student's signature.
  • Contacting your academic advisor - It is important that you make an appointment to see your advisor. Contact them for registration, program, and transfer information.  Additionally, academic advisors can refer you to a college office if you encounter problems for which you need help. ***Remember if you have never been to Orientation Services, you will need to visit or contact that office, on any campus, to receive your advisor information (843.574.6436). If you change your major, you must complete a "Student Information Update" form in the Admissions Office or in Orientation Services. If you complete this form in the Admissions Office, you must contact Orientation Services or use the "My Profile" option to receive your new advisor information.
  • Attendance - Class attendance is very important in college. If you miss a class, you should ask a classmate what you missed and complete any work the instructor assigned as soon as possible. The instructor may refuse to accept late work or may attach a penalty to work turned in late. Many times pop quizzes and/or class activities are counted toward your final grade and may not be made up.
  • Classroom courtesy - All students have the right to a distraction-free learning environment. You will be asked to turn off all electronic communication devices in classes and in many college offices. The only exception is for on-call emergency personnel (police, fire, EMS) who may be asked for employment verification.
  • Dates and Deadlines - There are detailed academic calendars online and in On Course. It is imperative that you learn the important deadlines for each term and adhere to them. The results of missing college deadlines can be low grades, reduced class schedules, and missed opportunities.
  • Student ID Number - Students should use this number instead of their social security number on college documents. It can be viewed in TTC Express on the "My Profile" screen and is displayed on the Student ID card. 

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