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Q.   Can I take just the lab or just the lecture for a course?

A.   No, the lecture and labs are combined at Trident Technical College and both are included in an overall grade for the course.

Q.   Once I have decided on a particular lecture section, can I pick any lab to take with it?

A.   No, the lecture section and lab section are linked.  You must take the same lecture and lab section (example:  BIO 101 001 and BIO 101L 001).

Q.   What pre-requisites are required for the Biology class I have chosen?

A.   Refer to the listing of courses in the course catalog.

Q.   Some biology courses have a pre-requisite of high school biology or chemistry or BIO 100 or a college level, lab based science course within the last five years.  How much biology and chemistry do I need?

A.   Students entering BIO 101 or BIO 210 at the minimum should have taken high school biology and high school chemistry and been successful in these courses.  However, the ability to succeed in our BIO 101 and BIO 210 differs depending upon the student.  Please contact your advisor if you have concerns your preparation for college level work in the biological sciences.  Some students have completed high school biology and chemistry within the five year time period but remember very little of the courses and really need to take BIO 100 before attempting any college level work.

Q.   Will the biology course I am taking transfer to the four year college or university in which I am interested?

A.   Follow this link to the list of colleges and universities that have transfer agreements with the South Carolina Technical Colleges.  Under this link, click on the college or university in which you are interested, and then click on Transfer courses.  If the college is which you are interested is not on the list or is not a South Carolina institution, you need to contact the college or university directly and ask if the course will transfer.  All course descriptions and course syllabi are available in our departmental website (having these often makes transfer questions easier to answer).

Q.   What type of work will we be doing in the laboratory for my class?

A.   All biology classes have a required laboratory except for BIO 100 and BIO 110.  Each biology course has a laboratory that is designed to demonstrate and allow "hands-on" experiences that supplement and enhance learning of key concepts presented in lab and in lecture.  This varies from biochemical experimentation to working with microorganisms to dissection of preserved animal materials.



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