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Department of Biological Sciences

"The Department of Biological Sciences at Trident Technical College is committed to providing quality higher education experiences to Associate in Science students preparing to transfer into a science major, students in Nursing and students in Allied Health Sciences, as well as to non-science majors. Our courses provide a basic foundation in the life sciences, which allows students to think critically about biological problems and communicate their understanding effectively to others."

Announcing a NEW Biology Course for Maymester 2011.  The ecology course will focus on marine ecosystems and include a five-day sailing excursion onboard the Spirit of South Carolina.  It is offered with a lecture (BIO 205) and lab (BIO 206) component, which must be taken together.  For more information, call Chris Jackson at 574-6093 and please explore the following links:  BIO 205/206 Syllabus, Ecology Q & A, and the Spirit of South Carolina website.  




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