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Student Literature Anthology

Angel Graham "In Disguise" Shanetta Williams, He Lives Within
 Christie Staubes "Swinging in the Wind" Maleri Evans, You
 Mike Lane "A jazz poem" Amanda Miller, Two Plus Two Is One
 My Dad's Smile Samruddhi Samari, Wind Scented
 Angela Taylor College Shannon Stadleman, The 20 Shades of Me
 James Pitts Marsh,  I Am Part of You Christopher Stone, Where Have They Gone?
 Carol Robertson Sweater Samuel Vestal, What Is Emotion?
 Jermy Tisdale,  The Tetrad Celeste Ivey, The United States Is Not the World's Babysitter
 Kerry Cutler Drowning Scott Massey, The Leaning Tree
 Tiffany Glover,  Unspoken Larry Norman, As He Sits...
 James Pitts Marsh,  S.R.V. Carol Robertson, Bliss
 Jeremy Tisdale, Rooster Dance  
 James Ilardi, Please Take This Dollar from Me  
 Angela Taylor, Firefighter  
 Ashleigh Townsend, Untitled  
 Jeremy Tisdale, The Pyramid  
 Scott Daniel Massey, Turning Night into Day  
 Kerry Cutler,  Edges
 Michael Peters, Antoine of North Charleston  
 Jeremy Tisdale, World of Greed  
 James Pitt Marsh, The Olympian  
 Larry Norman, Adoption -through a Father's Eyes  
 Jodi Lynn Hall,  Sweet Dreams Lost
 Jeremy Tisdale, Times of Grey  
 Brooke Polutta, Regretful Father  


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