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Important Information for Online English Students

Important Information for Online English Students
From the Department of English

In order to get off to a strong, successful start in your online English course, please read carefully the information below and refer to it as needed, especially during the first couple of weeks of the term. If you have questions, contact your instructor or one of the other TTC representatives identified in the sections below.

Logging In

You will be able to access your online classes no later than the first day of the semester. To access the class for the first time, follow these steps:

Go to Trident's home page

Click on the link and login

Once you have followed these instructions and successfully logged in, all Desire2Learn (D2L) online courses you are taking this semester will be listed under "My D2L Courses."

If You Need or Want Help in Getting Started in Your Online English Class
  Your instructor(s) will be your primary source for information about your English online class(es) during the term.  During the first week of classes, designated English instructors also are on call (by phone during regular working hours and by email after hours) to help with English online classes. Names and contact information are published on the English Department webpage.


For help with D2L at any time during the semester, you may submit a D2L Help Request or email your individual instructor.
The Home Page of an Online English Course

The home page will welcome you to the course. In the horizontal black bar above the main page, you will see links to Content, Discussions, Quizzes, and other resources. When you get to Content, pay particular attention to the page entitled “What English Instructors Expect from Online Students.” This page explains English department requirements for logging in and participation. Carefully review the requirements for class participation and reading instructor emails.

Attendance in an Online English Class

Every instructor will post a welcome to you either on the home page or the Discussions, so make sure you look for that and follow any directions it contains. Normally, you are asked to introduce yourself to your classmates. In addition, you may be asked to post a substantive discussion within the first week of class.

Special rules for Veterans and Foreign Students at TTC

The TTC rule for veteran and foreign students requires that instructors turn them in as "non-attending" if at any time during the semester two (2) weeks go by without active participation. We define “active participation” as turning in an assignment, posting a discussion, or directly contacting the instructor.
Readiness for an Online Course

If you are interested in evaluating your suitability for online learning, you can take the Online Readiness Test, TTC READI. The username is ttcstudent and the password is online. This test is optional, and the results do not go to any instructor. It’s simply an opportunity for you to learn a little about the strengths and weaknesses you bring to an online course.

Other Important TTC Links

From the TTC home page, make sure you can find the Library link. Once you get to the Library page, you will see a special link for online students.

Also explore the TTC Distance Learning Resources. To get there from the TTC home page, click on Academic Programs, just under the TTC logo. Click on the Distance Learning option in the left column and spend some time exploring these pages. You will find a great deal of information about the goals of online faculty and information on becoming a success in online classes.

Send questions or feedback to Barbara Allen, Coordinator for Online English


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