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Tips For Online Registration

Online Registration
  • Students who have earned 3 or more credits are eligible to register for courses online. For most of you, that means that you have met with your advisor at least two times, and you know what you need to take in order to graduate on time.
  • Be sure to register for ARV and CGC courses first. There are limited sections and seats in these courses, and they tend to fill up fast. For those of you who are pursuing an associate degree, the general education requirements are offered every term with numerous sections and times available for you to choose from.
  • The system will not allow you to register for a course if you have not taken the prerequisite. If you feel that you should be able to take the course, please see your advisor.
  • The system will give you a warning when you register for a course that has a corequisite. If you have not taken the corequisite course or courses stated in the warning, then you need to also register for the corequisite course simultaneously.


  • Please remember that your advisors are available to help you.
  • If you encounter any problems in choosing your courses or are experiencing prerequisite or corequisite problems, please contact your advisor.
  • You can e-mail, call, or drop by their office to set up an appointment.
  • Click here to find who your advisors are.

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