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We have two exciting and challenging career tracks for the Computer Technology degree program.

  • Computer Programming:  This degree is for students who want careers as a computer programmer. It teaches you many different programming languages to build desktop applications (i.e. C++, Java, Visual Basic, etc) and Internet applications (i.e. Java Script, PHP, Visual Basic Script and also how to ASP, PHP, and Perl to perform database operations).
    Elective Offerings: Computer Programming
  • Information Systems Specialist:  This degree is for students who know they want a career in computer technology but have not decided which technology to focus their studies upon. It starts with a broad overview of many different technologies (networking, programming, E-commerce, database, etc) so that students can discover which technology they have both an aptitude and an interest. Once a student determines their interest, this degree has five elective classes where they can continue training in their chosen technology. For example, a student can decide they are interested in Cisco routers. They can use four of their elective classes to earn a Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate and become Cisco certified *. Another student might decide that Database technology is where they want to excel. They can use two of their electives to earn a Database certificate and learn both SQL and MS Access. Even if a student decides that they want to master computer programming, this degree will allow them to use their five electives to master both desktop and internet programming. Moreover, this degree combines several of our more popular certificates into a two year degree. You learn all the Microsoft applications, programming, IBM I series computing, Windows networking, E-Commerce, UNIX, and how to take apart a computer and put it back together again (A+/Network+ Technician certification). If you click on the degree path name it will take you to the classes required in each degree.
    Elective Offerings: Information Systems Specialist

You can also earn certificates in several areas that might interest you. If you would like to see our certificate offerings click the certificates link.

* Cisco Certificate is not currently offered in an online format.

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Computer Programming

Information Systems Specialist


Computer Game Design



Internet Programming

Microcomputer Business Applications

Microcomputer Expert User

Microcomputer Programming

Mobile Application Programming

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Computer Game Design Certificate


Internet Programming Certificate

Microcomputer Expert User Certificate

Microcomputer Programming Certificate


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