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Paralegal Advising

Dear Paralegal Students:

When registration begins, you should be reviewing the courses you have already taken to see what you still need to take.  For those of you who may have forgotten what is required by your program, we have attached links for both the certificate and the associate degree programs.  Please note, with the exception of summer semester (nine weeks), each semester is comprised of two seven week terms (term 1 and term 2).  Each LEG course in a specific semester will be offered in both term 1 and term 2 to enable you to take all the required courses in a specific semester.

Paralegal Associate Degree -

Paralegal Certificate - 

An easy way to stay on track is to print out your program sequence sheet and scratch through the courses you have already taken and passed.  You can verify the courses you have already taken by checking your transcript on TTC Express.  To do this, go to, chose TTC Express, then TTC Express for credit students, then login, then Academic Profile, then Transcript.  This will prevent you from signing up for a course you have already taken or forgetting to sign up for one you need. 

Many of the paralegal courses are offered only certain semesters such as:

LEG 135 (Intro to Law and Ethics)                 Fall and Spring semesters

LEG 201 (Civil Litigation)                               Fall and Summer semesters

LEG 214 (Property )                                      Fall semester only

LEG 233 (Wills, Trusts and Probate)              Fall semester only

LEG 120 (Torts)                                            Spring semester only

LEG 132 (Legal Bibliography)                        Spring semester only

LEG 230 (Legal Writing)                                Spring semester only

{LEG 234 (Title Examination)                         Spring semester only


{CRJ 115 (Criminal Law)                               Offered every semester

BUS 121 (Business Law)                               Offered every semester

LEG 213 (Family Law)                                  Summer semester only

LEG 240 (Claims Investigation)                      Summer semester only

LEG 242 (Law Practice Workshop)              Offered every semester, however this course requires 135 hours of internship time in a legal office, so it is recommended that it be taken in either the Fall or Spring semester of the second year rather than the summer semester.  Discuss any questions regarding this with your advisor.

Most of the nonlegal, general education courses (English, History, Social Science, Speech, Math, Computers, etc.) are also offered every semester for those of you in the associate degree program.

Once you have figured out the courses you need, then consult either an OnCourse catalog of courses or go to the website and chose Course Search on main TTC menu to find the sections of each course that meet at the times and days that you need to figure out your schedule.  When you have this written down, go to TTC Express and register yourself for classes.  If you have never used TTC Express for registration, please read the following instructions. 


If you know the course name, number, and section then go to and click on TTC Express.  Log in to TTC Express using the Login Tab located at the top of the page.  Once logged in click on TTC Credit Students.  Under heading Registration, click on Register for Sections.  Select Express Registration.  Insert course information in box.  (Use the down arrow for a list of all the courses).  The Preferred Screen I that follows contains a list of all the courses that you have selected.  Find courses for which you’ve registered (check semester).  Choose Register by clicking on the down arrow located by each class.  Click Submit.  Preferred Screen II is confirmation of your registration choices.  Select the courses for the correct semester and click OK.  Program will return to TTC Express main menu.  Click on TTC for Credit Student and then My Class Schedule to print.  If you need to find classes, go to, click on Course Search on main TTC menu (under Web Resource and below TTC Express).  If at this point, you have technical problems using TTC Express, write down exactly what the problem is and contact 574-6309 or if you need an override contact your advisor.   

The paralegal advisors are as follows:

Associate Degree Students with last names beginning with A-G              Jan Utsey 574-6892

Associate Degree Students with last names beginning with H-M             Gerry Urbanic 574-6896  

Associate Degree Students with last names beginning with N-Z              John Bowler 574-6894

All Certificate Students                                                                            John Ungaro 574-6890


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