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Criminal Justice


The Criminal Justice associate degree program has been designed in response to the need for professionally trained and competent criminal justice practitioners.  Generally, three groups of students are served: those who plan to seek employment in public or private agencies immediately upon completion of the two-year degree; those already employed in the system who have a desire for further education in order to qualify for professional advancement; and those who intend to pursue advanced studies in criminal justice, criminology, or other curricula at four-year institutions.

The Criminal Justice certificates are designed to prepare the student for positions where more diverse education is required.  Generally, two groups of students are served: those who already have a degree in another discipline and wish to take courses in criminal justice; and those who need to upgrade their education in criminal justice and prepare for advancement within their current positions that do not require the associates degree.

NOTE: With the exception of summer semester (nine weeks) each semester is comprised of two seven week terms (term 1 and term 2).  Each Criminal Justice course in a specific semester will be offered in both term 1 and term 2 to enable you to take all the required courses in a specific semester.

Associate Degree 

Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice: Corrections

Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

Crime Scene Investigation

Emergency Management and Protection Certificate

Gainful Employment Disclosures 

Crime Scene Investigation Certificate

Criminal Justice: Corrections Certificate

Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Certificate

Emergency Management and Protection Certificate


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