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The following Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to questions concerning computing resources and support services. If you have a question that is of general interest, send it here with FAQ in the subject title and we  will add it..


  • What hours are the labs open?
  • What do I need to access Trident's online library catalog from home or work?
  • Where can I access the Internet?
    • Access to the Internet and the World Wide Web is available in all the labs on Trident's three campuses and have wireless capability.  The labs are equipped with the Explorer browser.  Before using the Internet, students are encouraged to read this excerpt from the Student Handbook relating to the inappropriate use of a College computer.
  • How do I print to the laser printers from Microsoft Word 2010?
    • If you want to print the entire document, click File, then Print.  If you want to print only certain pages, click File, and in the Print All Pages dialog box, open the drop-down box, or enter the page numbers and/or page ranges separated by commas in the box below.  For example, 1,3,5-12.  Click Print.  If you want to print double-sided documents, click to open the Print One Sided drop-down box and make your selection.  You will be able to preview your document on the right-hand side of the Print screen. 
  • What are the requirements to be a lab work study?
    • To qualify for work study in the Computer Lab, a student must be registered for 6 credit hours at Trident and returning students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.  A work-study application must be completed and filed with the Financial Aid department.  A current Financial Aid Form also must be completed to receive a Student Aid Report that is placed on file with the Financial Aid department.
    • The Career Placement department will determine work study type - Institutional WS or Federal WS.

Other useful resources:

  • Where can I make photocopies?
    • Copy machines for student use are located in the following buildings.  The cost is ten cents per page.
      • 100 near the Public Safety office
      • 410 second floor near the elevator
      • 510 first floor, periodical room
      • 510 second floor, foyer next to Room 252
      • 630 first and second floor, near the elevator
      • 920 open lab, Room 740
      • 920 student lounge, Room 307
  • Where can I scan images?
    • Scanners for student use are located in the buildings below. There is no cost for using the scanners.
      • 200   Room 124 (reserved for Commercial Graphics students)
      • 920   Room 406 (reserved for Visual Arts students)
      • 920   Room 740A (reserved for Visual Arts students)
  • Where can I use a FAX machine?
    • A fax machine for student use is located at the check-out counter in the Learning Resources Center, Building 510 on Main Campus.  The Berkeley and Palmer Campus Learning Resources Centers also have one for student use.  The cost is one dollar per page.


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