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Bridge Initiative

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The BRIDGE initiative is Trident's local implementation of the national project, Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count. This is a five-year initiative aimed at increasing student success rates at community colleges nationwide. The name BRIDGE was chosen as an acronym for Building Readiness In Developmental and Gateway Education which not only clarifies the targets of the initiative--students in developmental and "gateway" courses--but also acts as a metaphor for bridging student success gaps across the college. The inititive will assist the college in examining and evaluating student success data (both quantitative and qualitative) within developmental and gateway courses and offer new methods, programs or services that will help strengthen students' fundamental skills and prospects for achievement. In addition to focusing on these areas, the initiative also concentrates on tracking and aiding low-income students and students of color, both of whom have traditionally faced hardships and foundational skill deficiencies that have impeded their educational growth.

The implemented strategies will undergo research and analysis to evaluate the effectiveness by examining the percentage change in students who accomplish the following:

  • Successfully complete developmental courses and progress to credit bearing courses
  • Enroll in and successfully complete gateway courses
  • Complete the courses they take, with a grade of C or higher;
  • Re-enroll from one semester to the next; and
  • Earn certificates and degrees

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