Internet Access
Internet Access
Internet access is available in all of the computer labs at Berkeley, Main and Palmer Campuses.  The labs are equipped with the Internet Explorer browser.  Before using the Internet, students are encouraged to read the excerpt below from the Student Handbook relating to the inappropriate use of a College computer.

Academic misconduct includes inappropriate use of a College computer (Catalog/Student Handbook 1999-00, p d-34).

"A computer violation of the honor code is defined to include the following:

1. Representing another's work or answers as one's own.
2. Using another's access (password) for either obtaining privileged information or causing unauthorized changes.
3. Bypassing, by any means, security measures installed on the computer.
4. Using College Internet access for sending, receiving, or printing information  which is personal or unrelated to current course work at Trident." 

Students must limit their use of computer workstations to information related to a course in which they are currently enrolled.  Failure to comply could result in the loss of computer lab privileges or other sanctions as outlined in the Catalog/Student Handbook.


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